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I believe Boudoir is for EVERYbody.  Every woman should feel sexy, confident and empowered and I know know how to make you feel comfortable, feel beautiful and look your best. A boudoir session with me isn't  just about the photos, it's about the experience.  It's about setting aside time for YOU to celebrate YOU just as you are and loving your body flaws and all.


I love being able to make women feel beautiful, confident and empowered. My goal is to make you feel beautiful no matter what your age or size.  It all starts with self confidence.  Whether you decide to have a solo session or one with your significant other, this experience will be unlike anything else.  My team and I will make  sure your every need is met. We understand this could be overwealming and our goal is to make you comfortable,  have an unforgettable experience and love your photographs.  I couldn't be so confident in my mission if I didn't experience boudoir myself.  After my divorce I needed a boost of confidence to get my mojo back.  I was terrified as I didn't know what to expect.  But seeing myself transformed changed my life.  I realized that eventhough I am hardly model material, I looked incredible in my photos.  It was then that I realized that I,too, was beautiful, flaws and all, and I began to love myself and stop beating myself up over the imperfections.  That is my wish for you.  I want you to love yourself, just as you are and recognize we don't need to be perfect to be beautiful.  This is why I will not overly photoshop my images.  I want you to look at the photographs and recognize yourself and celebrate that gorgeous woman as she is, not the overly touched up, barbie doll version. And when you look back on the photos you will be able to see in yourself what everyone else does. You'll see.


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